Reliable and professional partner in the metal industry business

HTT 5 High Tech Tubing is a proficient and experienced service company in the metal, energy and machinery industry business, both in Finland and abroad. Our specific know-how is also in equipment and machinery installations demanding a high level of hygiene for both hospital and food industry sectors. HTT is your Finnish reliable and professional partner in the metal industry business - now and in the future.

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Energy industry branch

• Welding and installations of pressure equipment

• Machinery and equipment installations

• Service and maintenance work

Services for the offshore and onshore industry 

Our specific know-how includes demanding offshore and subsea structures, as well as the installation and welding of production platforms, frame and steel structures and compartments.
Machinery and metal branch

• Machinery and equipment installations

• Plate and welding works

• Installation work

• Service and maintenance work

High Tech Stainless

High-technology, demanding installations of equipment and pipelines for both hospitals and the food industry.